About Northern Rental & Reviews

Thank you for choosing Northern Rental Management to help you plan the perfect “up-north” vacation!

As a company, it is our goal to provide great service to our many customers. We strive to know every detail about the properties on our rental program so that we can help “match” you with the perfect accommodations. Because we live locally, we know the area well and will do our best to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime in Northern Michigan.

Reasons a vacation rental cottage might be a better fit for your family than a hotel room:

You want to stretch your travel dollars:
Rentals typically cost 50% less per square foot than a hotel room. In this area, hotel rooms range from about $50.00-$175.00 per night. Our cottages can accommodate the whole family for as low as $150.00 per night.

You want to cook:
It allows you to spend time with the family, and doesn’t blow the budget (or ruin the diet plan). You can also host Sunday brunch while the kids are swimming or eat dinner while watching the sun set. It doesn’t get any better than that!

You crave personal space:
Instead of having to put your suitcases on the floor because there isn’t enough room in the dresser for the four of you, everyone will enjoy having their own space and making the cottage feel like it belongs to your family for the week. You also get the added benefit of outdoor space including your own private beach that your whole family can use whether it be for sunning, swimming, or roasting marshmallows in the firepit.


July 2016 renter: “Northern Rental Management was wonderful to work with. The staff was always very happy, helpful, and very professional. They listened, advised and followed up on any of our requests or needs. I highly recommend using them. Our cottage was beautiful and we had a wonderful vacation. We look forward to using them again next time we visit Michigan.”

July 2016 renter at Sunny Side Up: “As always, we so appreciate the wonderful job Northern Rental does, making it so easy for us to find the perfect spot. Following our disappointment when we found out Gliddens on Platte Lake was no longer available, your efforts to help us secure Sunny Side Up were invaluable.   I’m sure your cottage owners value your professionalism, as well.  Thank you for all you do, and we look forward to next summer on Crystal Lake!”

June 2014 renter at Victorian Secret: “Wonderful. You guys are very accommodating!”

July 2014 renter at Hillside: “Amazing customer service!”

July 2014 renter at Rainbow Cottage: “Always polite, friendly and knowledgeable.”

July 2014 renter at Glidden’s Birch Perch: “Your staff is always helpful and cheerful.”

August 2014 renter at El Borde de las Aguas: “Always professional, friendly, helpful. You did an excellent job.”

September 2014 renter at For Sail: “Cierra and Ashley were extremely helpful to meet all of our questions and needs. {They} were great in handling questions and getting back to us immediately! We were very happy, as you can tell, with the company as well as the cottage. Thank you!”

July 2013 renter at Cloud Nine: “You are all super! You have a customer service level that is not often found.”

July/August 2013 renter at Paradise Found: “Northern Rental has been wonderful for the past 12 years.”

August 2013 renter at Escape on the Lake: “It was a wonderful experience start to finish. Great service and a beautiful little cottage.”