Additional Services

Cottage Watch Services – Available monthly or bi-weekly. Checks exterior for pest evidence, roof/window damage, etc. Verifies home is vacant and secure, no water damage is evident, and heat is on and set to appropriate temperature (if applicable).  Pricing depends on location. Cost per visit typically $15.00-$25.00.

Snow Removal Services – Offering snow removal services for driveways, decks, walkways, or roofs.  Free quotes available. Pricing depends on location and job size.

Spring or Fall Yard Clean Up – Complete debris and leaf removal from property grounds. Free quotes available. Prices usually start at $150.00.

Junk Removal – Pricing depends on what items are being disposed of. Prices usually start at $150.00 per truckload.

Lawn Care – Pricing depends on location and job size. Mowing, weed whipping, and clean up. Additional lawn services such as hedge trimming, etc. available upon request. Free quotes available.

Dock Installation & Removal – Prices start at $12.00 per section. Hoists usually range from $30.00-$75.00. Free quotes available.

Window Washing – Professional service will leave it looking like there isn’t even glass between you and your view! $50.00 minimum charge. Pricing depends on number, location and size of windows. Free quotes available.

Pressure Washing – Perfect for decks, siding and walkways in the spring! – $40.00 per hour.

Maintenance Inspections – Inspections before and after each rental/owner/guest visit to check for damages and to ensure everything is in working order. Cost per visit typically $15.00-$25.00. (Maintenance and cleaning inspections are performed free of charge for NRM guest departures and arrivals!)

Personal Trash Pick-Up Service – Great for renters/owners/guests – Stop worrying about those yellow bags or your trash can eye sore at the end of the driveway! We’ll come to the cans, collect the bags of refuse and you can skip worrying about guests showing up to trash from previous guests. Cost typically between $15.00-$25.00 per pick-up plus dumpster use fees starting at $40.00 per month. (Available to rental program customers at dumpster fee cost!)

Key Service – Secure key storage to provide access to home should renters/owners/guests become locked out. Pricing depends on location and starts at $25.00.

Deep Cleaning – Thorough cleaning before you open your property up in the spring, shut it down in the fall, after a long-term renter departs, etc. Does not include window washing. $25.00 per hour with a $50.00 minimum charge.

Regular Cleaning Service – Pricing depends on location, square footage of the home, number of bathrooms, etc.  Costs typically run from $125.00 to $250.00 per house. (Our NRM guests absorb this cost if you join the rental program! Plus, you won’t have to worry about scheduling or maintaining a reliable, trustworthy housekeeper!)

Starter Products – Stocking the property with starter products such as toilet paper, paper towel, dish soap, dishwasher tabs, and bar soaps are available for scheduled cleanings starting at $10.00.

Laundry Service – Available for scheduled cleanings only. $10.00 per load (no dry clean or oversized items, unless willing to pay for laundromat/dry clean services). Transport cost to return linens varies based on home location, amount of linens, etc. Turnaround time based on amount of linens, date of service, and dry time required.

Cleaning Inspections/Touch-ups – If your home has been vacant for a couple weeks between visits and it just needs a quick dusting or inspection before new guests arrive. $25.00 minimum charge. (Maintenance and cleaning inspections are performed free of charge for NRM guest arrivals and departures!)

After-Hours Emergency Call Service – For issues that arise at your rental unit after our normal business hours, we’ll take care of making appointments, meeting service techs, etc. as quickly as possible and to the best of our ability. Rate would be $100.00 for each call plus any maintenance charges. If it is work that must be contracted out through outside sources (such as plumbers, electricians, etc.), client would be responsible for service charges plus a 10% administrative fee. (24/7 on-call service is available to rental program customers without the per call cost!)

The above services will NOT be available on prime summer Saturdays from mid-June to mid-August UNLESS the property is listed on our rental program.

We strongly recommend scheduling in advance to ensure availability.

Last minute requests may not be possible or could cost extra.

2016 Homeowner Review: “(The housekeepers) were great! Good hard workers with attention to detail.  And it was so nice to hear them converse so friendly with each other! They did a super job and I will certainly recommend your services!”

Call us at Northern Rental Management’s local line – 231-882-9507 – or toll-free at 1-888-326-2352.